Teaching your Learner Driver

Driving Tips

When teaching the Learner Driver in your family, it is essential to stay calm. We understand that this can be challenging, but the driving needs to be what we call a Win-Win! This means that both the Learner Driver and their supervisor can stay calm and that the Learner Driver gains practice and experience in various environments without too much stress.

If things in the car get a little heated or stressful, it is time to finish that drive. Nothing will be gained from continuing if either the Learner Driver or supervisor are not in the correct mindset to continue with the drive.
Demanding that the Learner Driver keep driving can sometimes interfere with their motivation to drive at all.

We have had students who come to us for a lesson that have not driven for 6 months or even 12 months because they need more confidence and/or motivation after an incident with a supervising driver. As parents or other supervising drivers, we must work out how best our Learner Driver responds to different learning techniques when driving.

Some Learners take information on board more quickly if they are not listening to instructions and driving simultaneously. A good strategy is to pull over somewhere safe and discuss the information you are trying to explain to the Learner Driver. It is beneficial to the Learner Driver to be part of that conversation, so not talking "at" the Learner Driver but talking "with" the Learner Driver is helpful.

Another good tip is to ask the Learner Driver for their interpretation of the information you are trying to communicate to them. It is also important to ask open questions and let the Learner Driver have their say!

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