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Written by Karen Foster

Becoming a Learner Driver and Where to Find a Learner Driving Safety Course in Central Coast

For many new drivers, learning to drive and getting their “Ps” is an exciting milestone. Learning driving safety skills, providing opportunities to practice them, and modelling safe driving are all excellent ways to support a learner driver to learn these critical skills. It’s natural for feelings of anxiety to occur when learning to drive for the first time – but with the right training and practice, students can become safe, low-risk drivers.

Planning for driving

By planning, you can take steps towards being a responsible driver. Once you’re eligible for a learner licence, it’s time to start thinking about learning to drive. You might consider things such as:

  • Who will teach you to drive: Will you have a family member instruct you or will you use a driving instructor? For many younger students parents will be involved and choose a combination of both.
  • Your state’s legal requirements: Most states have provisions for the minimum number of hours that learners must complete, and there may also be restrictions such as the type of car, speed limitations, or number of passengers to which a new driver must adhere.
  • Your rules: Decide on safety rules during these stages around topics such as whether to drive at night or with friends in the car after getting your Ps.
  • Your car insurance: You’ll need to make sure that your policy covers young drivers.

Remember that getting a licence and learning to drive is only the beginning of a learning process that continues for a lifetime.

Practical steps

When you are ready to learn to drive, keep the following tips in mind to make it a positive and safe experience for everyone.

  • Discuss ground rules with whoever is teaching you in advance. For example, when they say ‘stop’, you must stop immediately – the time for questions is later.
  • Remain calm. If you can’t follow the directions clearly, pull the car over and then seek clarification so you understand what to do differently.
  • Seek opportunities to drive in various conditions. Look for chances to drive in the rain, at night, and on freeways so that your first experience with these conditions is with someone else in the car.
  • Consider booking a driving safety course. An experienced, qualified instructor is the best way to ensure that you learn the latest information and gets the best preparation for your licence test.
  • Be aware of the most common causes of crashes in new drivers. Speeding, distracted driving, night driving, and alcohol use are some of the most dangerous situations for young drivers.
  • Look for safe driving role models. You can learn the most by watching how others drive.

Where to find a driving safety course in Central Coast

If you’re looking for a learner driver safety course in Central Coast, Behind The Wheel can help. We offer safer drivers courses that can not only teach new drivers safe driving techniques but also allows you to earn 20 hours of logbook credit. Our staff includes serving and retired Police for the best possible driver education. Set your mind at ease – book our safer drivers course today.

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