Safe Drivers Course Newcastle

Written by Karen Foster

What You Need to Know about the Safer Drivers Course and Where to Book an RMS Safe Drivers Course in Newcastle

If you’re just learning to drive and you want to learn more about low-risk driving behaviours, then you need a safe drivers course. This course will teach you about a range of topics including speed management, hazard awareness, gap selection, and safe following distances while preparing you to drive unsupervised soon. Students also receive 20 hours of logbook credit upon completion of a safe drivers course in Newcastle. To attend an RMS safer drivers course, you must be on your Ls, be under 25, and have completed 50 hours of on-road driving.

Understanding logbook hours

There are several ways to make up logbook hour credits, so it’s easy to become confused. Before taking a Driving Test, drivers must have recorded 120 logbook hours. You can earn credits by:

  • Taking professional driving lessons. For every hour of driving lessons, you’ll receive two bonus hours of credit. That means that a one-hour driving lesson counts for three hours in your logbook – for a maximum of 10 lesson hours or 30 hours of logbook credit.
  • Driving with an experienced driver. You can earn logbook credit hours by driving with an experienced, licensed driver as long as they hold a full license (not probationary), have their license with them, adhere to the 0.05 blood alcohol concentration requirement, and fill out the appropriate sections in your logbook.
  • Completing a safer drivers course. Students who have completed an approved safer drivers course are eligible to receive 20 hours of driving credits in their logbooks.

What to expect

Your safer drivers course will include two modules:

  • A group discussion designed to help you learn ways to manage risks while driving (three hours)
  • A coaching session on the road to teach you practical, safe driving behaviours (two hours)

You can complete the two modules on different days, but it is recommended to do them both within a month’s time.

Booking your RMS safer drivers course in Newcastle

If you’re ready to book your safer drivers course, Behind The Wheel can help. We are a local provider of safer drivers courses from Gosford on the Central Coast to Taree and inland to Muswellbrook, Gloucester, and the Hunter Valley. We know that you have plenty of options, so we strive to stand out by providing personalised service and instructors with a combined 80 years’ policing experience. We also offer morning tea and lunch during the course.

Best of all, students who complete the course will earn 20 hours of logbook credit. That means that taking the course is a very time-efficient way to earn logbook credits – but also that in doing so, you’ll be learning safe driving strategies and becoming a much lower-risk driver. One of the things that sets us apart from other providers is our staff, which includes both serving and retired Police so that we can offer the best course possible. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and understanding of safety on our roads. For the best course delivery by experienced, qualified staff, contact Behind The Wheel today.

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